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Frequently asked questions

What is snmpwalk?

snmpwalk is one of the utilities in the Net-SNMP library of networking tools. It uses a series of SNMP GETNEXT requests to retrieve OID/value varbinds from a device based off a starting OID.

How do I get data for this tool?

To get data for this tool, you can run snmpwalk using this example as a template:
snmpwalk -v1 -c public -One

How is my data kept private?

In this browser window, we take your input and split apart the raw OIDs and their corresponding values. All of the values are then temporarily stored within a lookup table in this window. We then send the raw OIDs to our API so that we can decode them into their actual names. Once that API request returns, we stitch the OID names and their values back together and render them.