How Do I Lookup An OID?

With thousands of unique OIDs for any given device, trying to find what you can monitor can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

MIB Browser screenshots

An Object Identifier (OID) is the unique ID provided by the manufacturer of a network device to identify the device and system information. There are millions and millions of unique OIDs stored in a hierarchical, dot-delimited numerical manner ( and browsing a library is a daunting task.

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Option 1: Download a Management Information Base (MIB)

Since OIDs are defined by the device manufacturer (assigned a specific location within the global hierarchy under which their devices’ OIDs are documented), they provide the values within that section of the MIB. Some manufacturers provide their MIB files publicly on the internet, some require direct communication to download the files. Either of these options are lengthy processes and are extra tricky if you have many devices from many different manufacturers to look after.

Option 2: SNMP Walk Using a MIB Browser

This method helps us identify what OIDs respond with values and which don’t. The SNMP Walk will pull all information within the MIB tree, but it can be difficult to discern what OIDs mean what. For example, OID could have a value of “75” and the OID next to it in the tree ( could have a value of “High”. How are we to figure out what “75” and “High” are referring to? Is that a temperature reading? Is the string a categorization of utilization over some time period? The hunt continues…

Option 3: Utilizing an OID translation tool

There are a handful of OID translation tools on the market today, most free for public use. Their primary purpose is to turn the OIDs noted above ( into more legible descriptions. For example, our target OID would be translated to “CPUTemperature”. The trouble with the current standard of OID lookup, however, is that an SNMP Walk can provide thousands of lines of OIDs and no tool exists to translate OIDs in mass.

Option 4: Komodo OID Decoder

The Komodo OID decoder can instantaneously decode and translate the results of an SNMP Walk on any of your devices, for FREE! The Decoder tool sits on top of one of the largest MIB libraries in the world and was purpose built for Network Engineers who may run an SNMP walk at any point in their workday. To use the tool, run your SNMP Walk using your favorite utility, export or copy the output into the a plain text format and then paste it into the free text window of the Decoder tool, click “Decode OIDs”, and within moments, you’ll receive a beautifully formatted result showing all OIDs and values. This tool saves you hours of time and frustration in searching for the right OID, validating that your device is configured against a given endpoint, and if the output is of use to you. Save yourself hours of work with the Komodo SNMP OID Decoder!